Natural Bio-active Factor and Herbal Extracts Safe and Efficient Skin Care Pure and Zero BurdeN

Natural Bio-active Factor and Herbal Extracts
Safe and Efficient Skin Care
Pure and Zero BurdeN

Natural Bio-active Factor and Herbal Extracts Safe and Efficient Skin Care Pure and Zero BurdeN

Natural Bio-active Factor and Herbal Extracts
Safe and Efficient Skin Care
Pure and Zero BurdeN

Natural Bio-active Factor and Herbal Extracts Safe and Efficient Skin Care Pure and Zero BurdeN

Natural Bio-active Factor and Herbal Extracts
Safe and Efficient Skin Care
Pure and Zero BurdeN

Natural Bio-active Factor and Herbal Extracts Safe and Efficient Skin Care Pure and Zero BurdeN

Natural Bio-active Factor and Herbal Extracts
Safe and Efficient Skin Care
Pure and Zero BurdeN



Natural Bio-active Factor and Herbal Extracts

Safe and Efficient Skin Care

Pure and Zero BurdeN

 Watersoluble extract containing Bio-active ingredients extracted from efficacious natural plants and biological extracts; it is rich in active biological cells and herbal essences;

Bio-Active serums is process by Nano-technology to break into small molecules, with higher Bioavailability ratio that improves skin absorption by various skins. It is able to improve skin radically from inside out to directly moisturize and vivify your skin. Bio-active serums uses natural Bio-active Factor and herbal Extracts which is safe and effective with pure and zero burden.

l  It rapidly penetrate into the skin, accelerate cell metabolism, promote the activity of cells, clean and balance water, oil and PH conditions, arouse the skin to have the natural defense ability, and make every cell engorged and plump to create a healthy, harmonious and original skin environment so as to better absorb other skin care products;

l  It retains the plant extracts required by the skin to a large extent – plant flavones and polyphenol; its strong physiological activity and biological activity are featured with antioxidation, anti-aging, ultraviolet resistance, whitening, moisturizing, oil balance, sensitivity relief, cell activation and acce-leration of skin metabolism, etc.

l  It is pertinent to solve common subhealthy eye, face and neck skins;

l  It is safe and reliable without any hormone, heavy metal, chemical preservative, artificial color, chemical essence, albic material, mineral oil, surf-actant or emulsifying agent, etc.

Wanted: Medical/Sales Representative

Wanted: Medical/Sales Representative

If you’ve got good people skills, and are good at persuading and negotiating, being a sales representative might be ideal for you.

Medical/ Sales Representative

1.     Full time                2.     Part Time

Your key tasks as a sales representative would include:

·                                 keeping in contact with existing customers in person and by telephone

·                                 making appointments to meet new and existing customers

·                                 agreeing sales, prices, contracts and payments

·                                 meeting sales targets

·                                 promoting new products and any special deals

·                                 advising customers about delivery schedules and after-sales service

·                                 recording orders and sending details to the sales office

·                                 understanding your customers’ needs

·                                 reporting sales trends to your employer.

ILLUMINAR CORPORATION  offers a basic salary,  Travel Allowance, commissions and bonuses.


·                                 Pleasing personality

·                                 At least Four (4) years in College.

·                                 excellent sales and negotiation skills

·                                 good communication and ‘people skills’

·                                 confidence, motivation and determination

·                                 the ability to work well on your own and also as part of a team

·                                 good organizational and time management skills

·                                 the ability to deal with rejection

·                                 attention to detail

·                                 the ability to develop in-depth knowledge about your products and markets

·                                 good business sense and a professional manner.

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For Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation

MINI60 1

Therapy principle

A                      Biological stimulation: Light chemistry on skin by intensive pulse light will enable collagen fiber and stretch fiber bosom in derma to change molecular structure to restore to original elasticity. In addition, the light energy produced can tone up the blood vessel to improve circulation so as to eliminate wrinkle and to reduce pore in size.

B                      Light-energy-melting: Since the pigment groups contained inside the pathological change tissues are far more than those inside the ordinary skin tissues, the temperature increase upon light absorption of the pigments is higher than the one by the ordinary skin tissue. The temperature difference can block out the blood vessel of pathological change, which finally can decompose the pigments and do not destroy ordinary tissues.

C                      The operation method of IPL system is based on selective light-energy-melting as well. The dark pigments can absorb relatively short-wavelength light between 250-1200nm, while light absorption peak value of oxygenated hemoglobin is at 418, 542 and 577nm respectively. Thus, the wavelength light at 530nm can be easily absorbed by dark pigments and oxygenated hemoglobin, which can produce energy to destroy the collagen fiber. It is understood that collagen fiber can greatly absorbs lights at the wavelength between 400-600nm. Therefore, part of the light at the wavelength between 530-1200nm by IPL system can be absorbed by collagen fiber, which leads to activation of fiber cell and increase of collagen synthesis. Not only can increase of Type I collagen be seen, but also of Type III collagen. Because most of Type III collagen can be seen around blood vessel, IPL system can effectively change precipitation of pigment, abate expansion of capillary vessel, alleviate fine wrinkle, contract pore and improve skin texture and overall character.

     Therapy scope

1                   Effectively cure facial redness (dilation of capillary vessel), remove facial redness.

2                   Effectively contract pore, remove or alleviate tumefaction and scar.

3                   Increase thickness of skin collagen and restore skin elasticity.

4                   Furthest clean or reduce freckle, age pigment and other kinds of pigment precipitation etc.

5                   Furthest clean or alleviate the pigment precipitation caused by suntan to whiten skin.

6                   Smoothen fine wrinkle or alleviate facial shrinks and dark eye rim.

7                   Improve the pigment precipitation caused by the traditional therapy, and meliorate minor skin pathological change.

8                   On non-facial skin: whiten body skin.

9                   Skin tendering can be achieved in combination with other cosmetology methods.

10                Remove or restrain excessive hair growth.

 Taboo illumination

The following patients are to be prevented from the surgery:

1                   Pregnant women

2                   People at work exposed to the strong sun light

3                   People sensitive to light, drug and intensive light source

4                   People with sensitive skin

5                   People with epileptic or scar habitus

6                   People with unhealed 44wound that is to be treated

7                   Diabetic

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Cavi RF Slimming and Firming Machine

Cavi RF  Slimming and Firming Machine

40KHZ Cavitation
bipolar RF for body
bipolar RF for eye
body care , body slimming, ,weight loss,
Skin Care,Face Care
1. The face, neck anti-aging;
2. Shrink pores, whitening;
3. The reduction the orange peel organization;
4. Tightening skin,strengthening;
5. Promoting metabolism,blood circulation;
6. Repairing pit,wrinkle;
7. Replenishing moisture content;
8. Decrease the excessive water and piled fat;
9. Removing stomach wrinkle;
10.Complementing collagen,Recovering resilience.
11.Body slimming

Cavitation hand-piece,adopts frontier synchronous cyclic wave technology,
producing alternant positive and negative pressure , acting onto the cell membrane,
by giving 40KHz high vibration energy, liquefied the fat cell on the basis of “cavitation”
theory, lower down the resistance of fat tissue,which makes the RF energy go deeper.
Millions time week alternation oscillating in each seconds,ionizes the fat layer,depletes
the fat cell,finally transfer the fat cell into water and CO2, which will be ejected out the
body and at the same time lymph circulation is enhanced. Body shaping and de-toxin result could be expected, a better slimming result is achieved.

bipolar RF hand-piece, adopts advanced output mode which could treat the tissue
more accurately,enhance blood circulation, generate more collagen, at the same time
protect the epidermis with cooling, heat up the dermal layer but keep the epidermis at
normal temperature. The dermal layer could be heat up to 45°C-60°C, to generate more
collagen, increase the thickness, giving wrinkle removal, skin tightening and lifting results.

Adopt the top ultrasonic liposuction technique in the world. ,
Suitable for all kinds of skin.
Comfortable, painless, woundless during the treatment.
Easy operation, easy study.
Non- exhaustion, low cost investment and quick high returns..

Free operation, . non-anaesthetic.
No ruggedness.
No bleeding, tumidness and bruise.
No side effects, good effects, no rebounding phenomenon.
Woundless, will not influence the normal working and living.

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